100% of the Tuichi River within Madidi committed for mining activity

One hundred per cent of the Tuichi River, which located inside the Madidi National Park and Integrated Management Natural Area, and which is part of the Uchupiamona Communal Land of Origin (TCO), has been gridded by the Mining Administrative Jurisdictional Authority (AJAM) for gold mining in one of the most biodiverse protected areas on the planet.

Chapare: five companies and state works that cost $1.03 bn not used

Chapare: five companies and state works that cost $1.03 bn are not used. The public companies paralyzed are the Urea and Ammonia Industrialization Plant, which had an investment of $953 million ($6. 632.88 million bolivianos) and suspended operations in November 2019; Empresa de Papeles de Bolivia (Papelbol) which meant an investment of 162.4 million bolivianos ($23.3 mn)and has not been operating since 2020; and Ebococa, which cost 11.2 million bolivianos ($1.6 mn) and paralyzed since 2014.

Agriculture: Substitution of fuels will save $250 mn

The agro-industrial sector offers to replace fuel imports, saving $250 million by reactivating ethanol production, which is clean energy. In addition, it could generate electricity with biomass and save natural gas consumption for the country. The agroindustry can process 300 million litres of anhydrous ethanol and provide electric energy with more than 160 megawatts (MW) … Continue reading Agriculture: Substitution of fuels will save $250 mn

Smuggling reduces grape purchases by 35%

Due to an unprecedented increase in smuggling, demand for Bolivian grapes was 35% lower than 2020. The grape, wine, and singanis chain is the most important productive activity in southern Bolivia, generating more than 5,000 direct and indirect sources of employment nationwide. It causes economic damage to about 1,000 producers of the 4,200 engaged in this activity, and that together with the wine industry, generate more than $ 200 million annually, contributing millions of dollars in taxes.

Rescheduled loans doubled, and finance companies’ profits fell 52%

The Association of Private Banks of Bolivia (Asoban) reveals that the rescheduled performing portfolio reached $1.78 billion, which implies a 119% growth, i.e., it doubled between March 2020 and March 2021. It also indicates that profits reached $25 million as of March 2021, registering a 52% drop in the last 12 months. The profitability of the entities has fallen by around 4%, six percentage points below the level recorded in March 2020.

Mutún Project is 5.5% complete and will finish in 2023

Empresa Siderúrgica Mutún (ESM) informed that the progress in the construction of the steel plant is 5.5 per cent and that the project expects to complete by the end of 2023 when the factory produces at least 200 thousand tons of corrugated steel per year. The state-owned ESM has already disbursed to the Chinese company Sinosteel, in charge of executing the project, 37 per cent of the amount agreed for the construction of the steel plant, which amounts to $546 million.

The new lithium strategy generates a $1 bn white elephant

The Government announced a radical change and moved towards Direct Lithium Extraction, a strategy that involves advanced and environmentally friendly technologies. The opening to Direct Lithium Extraction technology intends to correct the mistakes made in the quest to industrialize lithium after misinvesting close to $1 billion and generating uncertainty.