Quinoa exports fall by 30%

Bolivia produces 63,000 tons of quinoa per year, of which 32,000 tons, or less than 50%, are exported. There is a notable drop in exports due to the increase in production of the grain in countries such as the United States, China, Spain, and France, which are close to covering their domestic demand. Between January and May 2021, exports dropped 30%, reaching $25 million, less than last year when the country received $36 million.

The government highlights gas exports, but revenues fall 3.5%

Last week, Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) and the government highlighted increased gas exports from increased shipments to Argentina. However, revenues from natural gas sales fell by 3.5 per cent between April and May 2021 compared to a similar period in 2020.

Bolivia increases potential cocaine production by 44%, according to a U.S. report

Potential cocaine production in Bolivia grew by 44% in the 2010-2020 period, according to a report by the US Office of National Drug Control Policy (Ondcp). Coca cultivation in Bolivia totalled 39,400 hectares in 2020, a slight decrease of about 7% from 2019, but still close to record levels. Potential cocaine production remained stable at … Continue reading Bolivia increases potential cocaine production by 44%, according to a U.S. report

Government creates $11.9 mn fund and avoids Aasana stoppage

The Government and the Administration of Airports and Auxiliary Services to Air Navigation (Aasana) reached an agreement whereby the Government will allocate 83.8 million bolivianos ($11.9 mn) for the payment of seven months of outstanding salaries. The workers had announced a strike affecting operations at 42 air terminals in the country.

Mutún will cover 40% of the country’s iron ore demand

The government instructed the export of iron in the shortest term and informed that the Mutun would cover only 40% of the internal demand, 200 thousand tons per year. The steel plant will be inaugurated in mid-2023 and will cost $546 million, of which the China Eximbank will disburse 85%, and 15% will come from the State General Treasury (TGE) and the Productive Development Bank (BDP). It will process 800,000 tons of iron ore per year.

Smuggling affects up to 10% of national production

According to studies conducted by the Chamber of Industry, Commerce, Services and Tourism of Santa Cruz (Cainco), smuggling generates an economic loss that fluctuates between $1 billion and $1.8 billion. There is an impact in domestic production of 5% and 10% per year of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which harms the fiscal coffers of approximately $350 to $400 million per year.