Soboce invests $30 million to modernize the Warnes cement plant.

Sociedad Boliviana de Cemento S.A. (Soboce) decided to invest around $30 million to modernize the Warnes cement plant (Santa Cruz). The new milling system, previously horizontal, is characterized by lower energy use, higher production capacity, and a better relationship with the environment. With the new mill, the plant will have a monthly production capacity of 59,400 tons of cement.

Natural gas consumption in the domestic market rose to 14 MMm3/d

According to data from YPFB Transporte, in the last 15 years, the demand for natural gas for the domestic market has increased from 4 million cubic meters per day (MMm3/d) to 14 MMm3/d. Furthermore, the need for this energy source has grown 250% since 2006, an aspect that positively impacts the economy. As a result, the state-owned company seeks to reduce operating costs.

Petrobras Bolivia has had its bank accounts frozen for 55 days

Petrobras Bolivia's bank accounts have frozen by order of the agro-environmental court of Entre Ríos (Tarija) since April 14. Petrobras informed that it could not make any pending payments due to the freezing of its accounts due to the precautionary measure. Judge Hesse set the payment of $61.1 million as payment for using the Baldivieso Vacaflor family's land in the first instance of the trial.

Siderúrgica Las Lomas will produce 60% of the steel demanded by the country

The Bolivian company Las Lomas has been thinking about building a steel plant in the country for eight years. Work began four years ago. Last February, operations started in the rolling sector and, at the end of July, the production of corrugated steel will start. With an investment of 177 million dollars, Las Lomas will produce 200 thousand tons of corrugated steel per year, equivalent to approximately 60 per cent of the national demand.

YPFB to sell gas for five years to Brazil’s MTGás

Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) and the company Mato-grossense de Gas (MTGás, Brazil) signed a "firm contract" for the commercialization of natural gas for five years for nine dollars per million BTU (British thermal unit). The contract will run from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2026. Natural gas supply volumes will range between 133 and 215 MMCD (thousands of cubic meters per day).

Petrobras rejects $61.1 million lawsuits and announces defence

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras) informs that its integral subsidiary Petrobras Bolivia S.A. (PEB) was ordered in the first instance to pay compensation for using the property where the San Alberto field facilities located in the amount of $61.1 million, plus interest and costs. The judgment also imposes precautionary measures against the oil company. PEB informs that it appealed to a higher instance, such as the Agro-environmental Court of Sucre, where the case evaluates currently.