Siderúrgica Las Lomas will produce 60% of the steel demanded by the country

The Bolivian company Las Lomas has been thinking about building a steel plant in the country for eight years. Work began four years ago. Last February, operations started in the rolling sector and, at the end of July, the production of corrugated steel will start. With an investment of 177 million dollars, Las Lomas will produce 200 thousand tons of corrugated steel per year, equivalent to approximately 60 per cent of the national demand.


80% of gas fields in decline

The figures of the gas business are stark. A study carried out by the Millennium Foundation, based on official data, indicates that 80% of the gas fields are in the process of decline. It also states that the refineries are operating below their installed capacity. Only 17% of the natural gas fields are under development, another 3% are in the maximum production stage (Plateau), and 80% are in the process of decline.