EBA and Sernap sign an agreement to produce 120 t of honey per year

Empresa Boliviana de Alimentos y Derivados (EBA) and the National Service of Protected Areas (Sernap) signed yesterday an interinstitutional agreement to produce 120 tons of honey per year. The interinstitutional agreement establishes the implementation of 4,000 hives in protected areas located in the departments of La Paz, Cochabamba, Chuquisaca, Tarija and Santa Cruz.


Sugar agribusinesses plan investments of more than $108 mn

The sugar agroindustries of Santa Cruz (Aguaí, Guabirá and La Bélgica) are defying the health and economic crisis. They have announced investment projects worth $108 million to boost the production of green fuel (ethanol), electric energy for the National Interconnected System (SIN) and to venture into new businesses (candy manufacturing), adding value to refined sugar.

Santa Cruz Financial Group and Grupo Empresarial Lafuente seal $4.5 bn financing deal

The agreement signed between the two investment groups aims to reactivate the construction sector's productive chain and promote different projects. The Santa Cruz Financial Group S.A. (Banco Fassil) will finance Grupo Empresarial La Fuente with approximately $4.5 billion to carry out the urban development project La Nueva Santa Cruz Inteligente.