Santa Cruz will receive $187.37 mn and will allocate $34.86 mn to investment projects

The total budget allocated to the Governor's Office of Santa Cruz is Bs 1,306 million ($187.37 million), of which Bs 769.7 million ($110.43 million) will use to cover operating and other expenses of the Governor's Office and Bs 243 million ($34.66 million) will go to investment projects.

Moody’s: Bolivia will pay $500 million a year with declining reserves

Moody's downgraded the rating twice in 2020 from Ba3 to B1 and B2 for deteriorating sovereign credit pricing after assessing Bolivia's economy, fiscal position, and external position. While Bolivia's debt profile incorporates relatively low refinancing risks, the government will face bond payments in 2022 and 2023, totalling $1 billion ($500 million each year), which poses significant challenges given that international reserves currently stand at only $1.96 billion in foreign currency.

The unemployment rate as of February reached 8.93%

The unemployment rate as of February reached 8.93%. The Fundación Milenio estimates that 1,022,249 jobs were lost cumulatively during the year, based on data from Fundempresa, the taxpayer registry of the National Tax Service, the INE's continuous employment survey, which registers an employed population of 5,856,606, and the study of micro and small companies in the areas of industry, commerce and services.