Tigo Business inaugurates the first Data Center in Bolivia with a $20 million investment

Tigo Business launched its TIER III Data Center, the first world-class data centre in the country, part of 12 data centres in Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay and Colombia. It is a storage and processing space created to help the most critical companies in Bolivia to improve and simplify their business processes through the intelligent management of their information: the essential asset of digitization.

Public investment reactivates construction with $185 million

Public investment increased by 47% ($185 million) concerning the same period in 2020 ($74 million), with infrastructure investment growing by 148.8% in this period, highlighting the reactivation of highway projects such as El Espino-Charagua-Boyuibe, the Cochabamba metropolitan train, the double-track central section El Sillar and the rehabilitation of the Santa Cruz-Trinidad highway.