The unemployment rate reaches 8.9%

The most current figures from the National Statistics Institute (INE) show that the unemployment rate in urban areas, as of February, reached 8.9%. The workers are demanding a 5% wage increase and the reinstatement of people fired during the pandemic. In response, the Government proposed a rise of 0.67%, the equivalent of Bs 14, to avoid a collapse of the country's economy.

Tigo Business inaugurates the first Data Center in Bolivia with a $20 million investment

Tigo Business launched its TIER III Data Center, the first world-class data centre in the country, part of 12 data centres in Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay and Colombia. It is a storage and processing space created to help the most critical companies in Bolivia to improve and simplify their business processes through the intelligent management of their information: the essential asset of digitization.

Public investment reactivates construction with $185 million

Public investment increased by 47% ($185 million) concerning the same period in 2020 ($74 million), with infrastructure investment growing by 148.8% in this period, highlighting the reactivation of highway projects such as El Espino-Charagua-Boyuibe, the Cochabamba metropolitan train, the double-track central section El Sillar and the rehabilitation of the Santa Cruz-Trinidad highway.

YPFB resumes negotiations to export urea for $80 mn

Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) retoma las negociaciones para exportar urea y encara la recta final de reactivación de la planta, que demandará 53 millones de dólares. La planta estará funcionando el segundo semestre de este año, periodo en el que también estima exportar urea granulada por 80 millones de dólares. YPFB resumes negotiations to export urea for $80 mn.