Soy producers block roads, claiming they lose more than $100 million due to price regulation

Soybean producers began blocking roads in different areas of Santa Cruz demanding the elimination of a price band that regulates the sale of soybean meal. According to the sector, this regulation causes a reduction of $50 per tonne, which generates a total loss of more than $100 million for the sector.

Exports fell 10.3% and imports dropped 27.7% in January

Exports reached $692.6 million in January, 10.3% less than in the same month of 2020, when sales abroad reached $772.1 million. The fall is due to negative variations in economic activities such as hydrocarbon extraction (-37.3%), agriculture, livestock, hunting and fishing (-6.2%) and manufacturing industry (-1.2%). The National Institute of Statistics also reports that imports in January reached $565.4 million, 27.7% less than in January last year.