Suspension of Carnival leaves 629,000 people without income

Due to the resurgence of Covid-19, the suspension of Carnival celebrations will mean that it will no longer move 50 million dollars, and 629,000 people will no longer be able to generate economic income. The activity that produces the most money is the entrance of the Oruro Carnival, with 35 million dollars, followed by the Santa Cruz Carnival, with 10 million dollars, and the Cochabamba Carnival, with 5 million dollars. The calculations are only for the main Carnival activities in these departments.

Argentina resumes export of natural gas to supply thermal power plant in Brazil

After six years, Argentina resumed natural gas exports to Brazil with the Uruguaiana Thermal Power Plant (CTU) start-up, located in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, owned by the Argentinean company Saesa. CTU allows Argentina to export up to 2.4 million cubic metres of natural gas per day (MMm3d), with a foreign exchange income of up to $500,000, and a potential gain of more than $100 million a year if it only exported outside the winter.

WHO endorses AstraZeneca vaccine that Bolivia will receive through Covax Mechanism

The World Health Organization (WHO) yesterday granted its emergency approval to the Astrazeneca/Oxford vaccine, giving new impetus to immunization campaigns, which in Latin America, as in other regions, are advancing at different speeds. The Bolivian Government welcomed this vaccine's emergency approval, which Bolivia will receive through the Covax Mechanism for the fight against COVID-19.