$132.26 mn trust fund will benefit more than 100,000 agricultural producers

More than 100,000 agricultural producers will benefit from 15-year loans to be financed by the Bs.911 million ($132.26 million) trust fund for the reactivation of the productive apparatus. The producers are included in the Régimen Agropecuario Unificado (RAU) system and previously did not benefit from these credits.

Cochabamba farmers ask government for $150 million in support due to rains

The Cochabamba Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock (CAC) asked the government of President Luis Arce to transfer $150 million to the departmental government to attend to the economic losses suffered by farmers after 15 days of rain in the region. According to the CAC, the rains in the Cochabamba tropics have affected more than 15,000 hectares of crops.