Fonplata issues over $220 mn in bonds

Fonplata-Development Bank successfully completed a CHF200 million ($220 million) five-year bond issue in the Swiss capital market with a coupon of 0.556%.These funds will be used to support the economic reactivation of member countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Industrial sector declined 11% in 2020

The economic crisis caused the industrial sector to shrink by 11% in 2020. Faced with this situation, the sector asked the Government to implement urgent measures such as promoting the purchase of goods and services made in Bolivia, the creation of a credit and guarantee fund for companies, the modernisation of labour regulations and the reduction of the tax burden, among others.

FIE buys the shares of Bamboo Capital Partners

The NGO FIE, and its majority shareholder Banco FIE, acquired the shares of Bamboo Capital Partners, an impact investor specialising in emerging and frontier markets. Bamboo confirmed the successful sale of its stake in CONFIE, a Latin American microfinance investment holding company. Through its investment in CONFIE in 2007 Bamboo invested in Banco FIE in Bolivia and Fie Gran Poder in Argentina.

CELAC calls not to limit export of COVID-19 vaccines

The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) called on the international community not to limit exports of vaccines and medical supplies to combat Covid-19. Celac expressed its concern about the mechanisms created to limit these exports, such as those made by the European Union. Source: Página Siete