BoA revenues fall 54%

The pandemic seriously affected the state-owned airline Boliviana de Aviación (BoA). In 2020, its revenues fell by 54 per cent compared to 2019. The state intends to reactivate the airline with a loan.

Tourism reports losses of $43 mn due to the pandemic

The tourism sector reported losses of 300 million bolivianos ($43 million) in 2020 as an impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The losses involve travel agencies, hoteliers, tour operators, tourism professionals, guides, transport and others linked to this activity. The sector has more than 35,000 direct and indirect jobs. Due to the pandemic, there has been a reduction of between 80 and 90 per cent in the number of jobs.

The industry lost 70,000 jobs and saw a wage increase as unfeasible

The industry lost 70,000 jobs last year due to the economic crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic and claims that companies are not in a position to meet a wage increase this year. According to the National Chamber of Industries, inflation last year was less than 1%, and workers did not lose purchasing power in their wages. Many industries are in crisis.

Within a $109 million budget support from France, an agreement signed to integrate alternative energies into the SIN

A tripartite technological alliance agreement was signed in Cochabamba between the National Load Dispatch Committee (CNDC), the French grid management operator RTE International (RTEi) and the French Development Agency (AFD) to integrate alternative energies into the Bolivian National Interconnected System. The agreement will receive a grant of 700,000 euros ($847,000), which is part of the AFD's 90 million euros ($109 million) budget support dedicated to promoting renewable energy, support for energy efficiency and institutional strengthening of the electricity sector.

Santa Cruz opens the Santa Cruz-Warnes viaduct costed $8m investment

The viaduct on the Santa Cruz-Warnes dual carriageway, which cost Bs 55.5 million ($8 million), is now a reality. The structure will free the vehicular traffic of more than 22,000 vehicles per day on the Red Vial Fundamental. It comprises three sections of 25.6 metres in span, each supported by piles. It has a total length of 1,040 metres from north to south. Its structure is 732 linear metres long, each access ramp is 321 metres long, and a bridge is 90 linear metres long.

Blockades halt exports of $2.5 mn a day

While the national government, together with soybean producers and the oil industries of Santa Cruz, continue to analyse the validity of the price band for soybean meal, the blockades on the highways connecting Santa Cruz with Cochabamba and Beni reached their third consecutive day yesterday, causing a loss of 2.5 million dollars a day for exports that are not carried out.