Bolivia sets the prices of private clinics for the care of patients with COVID-19

The Bolivian Government has set the rates for private clinics for COVID-19 treatments, which may not exceed the stipulated reference prices by 5 percent. The base reference prices for the surgeries of those patients admitted to intensive care are BS.5,484 ($792,74), while the smaller surgeries between BS.3,510 ($507.39) and BS.4,472 Bolivians ($507.39).

Government authorises company to enter protected area for mineral extraction

The National Service of Protected Areas (Sernap), authorised the entry of the mining company Mincruz S.R.L., into the Santo Corazón region, in the middle of the Chiquitano Dry Forest and on the road that crosses the Tucabaca Valley, to carry out the clearing for the exploitation of minerals. The authorisation form states that the firm must submit a copy of the results of the work carried out to Sernap and to the management of the Protected Area.

Daily loss of $US 5 mn warned due to landslides in Bolivia

The governor's office in Santa Cruz warned of losses of around $5.2 million daily, due to the collapse of part of the road that connects Santa Cruz with Cochabamba, in spite of the fact that a provisional crossing has been set up. Luis Alberto Alpire, Secretary of Productive Development of the Governor's Office, explained that an alternative route, such as the old road, could not be used due to a blockade by traders.