Government launches $132.26 mn trust fund to reactivate industry

The government is channelling loans for micro, small and large enterprises, ranging from BS250,000 ($36,295.68) to BS5,000,000 ($725,913.50) at an interest rate of 0.5% to reactivate and boost national production. The resources correspond to two trusts with Bs911 million ($132.26 million), which will be made available through the Banco Unión and the Banco de Desarrollo Productivo (BDP).

CBHE renews its board of directors

The Bolivian Chamber of Hydrocarbons and Energy (CBHE) renewed its board of directors and expressed its commitment to coordinate and promote joint work between the public and private sectors to advance the implementation of projects and continue the search for new opportunities. The new vice-president of the CBHE, Pedro Ribeiro, said that since 2006 the private sector has invested $14 billion in the hydrocarbons area.