Conarade allocates $9.18 mn for emergencies and disasters in Bolivia

The first meeting of the National Council for Risk Reduction and Attention to Disasters and Emergencies (Conarade) approved a budget of Bs. 64 million ($9.18 mn) for the attention of emergencies and disasters in the country. The budget covers disasters caused by rains, landslides, floods and other emergencies such as fires, frosts and droughts.

A damaged pipeline causes $4 mn a day loss to industries in Bolivia

Between Monday and yesterday, at least 100 meters of the Carrasco-Cochabamba gas pipeline (GCC) were swept away by a landslide in the area of El Sillar. Due to this situation, about 50% of Cochabamba, Oruro, La Paz, Chuquisaca and Potosi had to stop activities untimely. The economic damage generated by this eventuality is four million dollars a day.

After protests, the Government instructed a six month pause for loans payments, both capital and interest

After two days of protests from the transport sector, which demanded the extension of the deferment of bank loans, the Government ordered the freezing of the payment of capital and interest for a period of six months of grace. The measure was questioned by Bolivia's Association of Private Banks (Asoban), which claims that it weakens the chain of payments and risks a financial crisis.