Quantum will open a shop in Paraguay and plans to sell 90 electric vehicles per month

After a market study, Quantum Motors, a company from Cochabamba, decided to open a Paraguay branch, where it plans to sell 20 cars and 70 electric motorbikes per month. Quantum will be the first formal company to enter the electric vehicle business in Paraguay. In 2020 in Bolivia it managed to sell 400 motorbikes and 300 electric cars, mainly in Santa Cruz and Cochabamba.

Bolivia achieved a $99.5 million trade surplus in November

Little by little, the numbers of foreign trade are recovering in the country. According to the latest report of the Foreign Trade Statistical Bulletin, prepared by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in November the country registered a trade surplus of $99 million, the highest in 2020. However, total exports from January to November 2020 reached $6.17 billion, showing a decrease of 24.2% compared to 2019.