Illegal beverage market generates $118 million in tax evasion

Illegal alcohol leaves deep scars on the country's beer and wine industry. A study by Euromonitor International, sponsored by Cervecería Boliviana Nacional (CBN), updated in 2019, concludes that of the 4,347,783 hectolitres (HL) of the total legal market, 15.4% comes from smuggling, which represents $118 million in tax losses.

Government injects $17.93 million to Entel to expand coverage of its services

The government announced the resumption of the coverage extension projects of the National Telecommunications Company (Entel) with the disbursement of more than Bs 125 million ($17.93 mn). The project involves expanding radio base stations for intercommunication in towns and villages throughout the country and will promote virtual education for students by granting them free Internet access. The strategy will also support access to the mobile phone, cable TV and radio services.

The agricultural sector has a default of $240 million with suppliers

While the government announces a fund of Bs 911 million (a little more than $130 million), through two trusts, to provide credit to the national productive apparatus with an annual interest rate of 0.5% and a 15-year term, the Association of Agricultural Input Suppliers (APIA) reveals that the productive sector of Santa Cruz has been dragging on default of up to $240 million since 2016. The amount grew by 10% this year.