The BCB ratifies the immobility of the exchange rate and projects public investment of $3.95 mn

The Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) assured that the government would maintain the "immobility and stability of the exchange rate" to ensure the stability of the economy and to provide security to Bolivian families. It also reported an increase in public investment of Bs 27.516 million ($3.95 mn).

Senate passes law to return 5% of invoiced purchases to beneficiaries

The Senate on Thursday passed a law that will return 5% of all invoiced purchases made by Bolivians with income up to Bs 9,000 ($1,291), which must register with the National Tax Service (SIN). On the other hand, it returned to deputies with modifications the law of the Tax on Large Fortunes due to differences over the time of application.

Government creates a $130 million Fund for import substitution

President Luis Arce enacted Supreme Decree (DS) 4424, which creates an initial fund of $130 million (Bs 911 million), through two trusts, intending to grant loans with a 15-year term and an annual interest rate of 0.5%. The new measure aimed at reactivating the national productive apparatus and is for those who wish to enter the import substitution stage.