Ronny Alexander Balderrama is the new Managing Director of AASANA

The government on Wednesday appointed Ronny Alexander Balderrama as the new Executive Director General of the Airports and Auxiliary Air Navigation Services Administration (AASANA). The new authority has the mission to reactivate as a matter of priority the technical study carried out at AASANA for the installation of radars to detect aircraft with illegal cargo.

Argentina takes over the presidency of Mercosur and plans to incorporate Bolivia fully

Today Argentina assumed the pro tempore presidency of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) and put on the agenda the full incorporation of Bolivia into the regional bloc. In 2013, Bolivia began the process of joining Mercosur as a member with full rights, an application that had to be accepted by the congresses of the four countries that make up the bloc (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay). The only thing missing is the endorsement of the Brazilian parliament.

Repairing four pieces in the urea plant will cost $us 26 mn

The urea and ammonia plant has at least four damaged parts: three turbines and a nitrogen generator. Repairing them will take nine months and some $26 million. In the meantime, the country has gone from being an exporter to an importer of the fertilizer. Hydrocarbon Minister Franklin Molina estimates that the economic damage caused by the plant's closure over a year ago is 200 million dollars.

Financial institutions will tax more if their profits exceed 6%

Financial leasing companies, general deposit warehouses, Investment Fund Management Companies (SAFI), stock exchange agencies and securitization companies will have to pay 25% of Additional Rate of Income Tax (AA-IUE) if their profitability exceeds 6%, according to the General State Budget Bill (PGE) 2021. The entities will add to the banks, that already pay this additional tax on their profits for some years.