Export restrictions will affect 67,500 small and medium-sized producers

Small and medium-sized farmers will be the most affected by the return of the quota policy for exports of non-traditional products. Throughout the department of Santa Cruz, there are 90,000 small and medium-sized producers living from agriculture. Of this number, 75% (67,500) engaged in soybean cultivation, one of the most affected by the restrictions.

Elmer Pozo becomes manager of SABSA

Elmer Pozo Oliva is the new general manager of Bolivian Airport Services (SABSA) and has the mission of fighting corruption in that state institution. Pozo Oliva is from Cochabamba and has a degree in Public Accounting, as well as a diploma in Tax Management and a Masters in Business Administration.

The Government announced the disbursement of $26.54 mn to reactivate the construction of the Metropolitan Train

On December 4, in a ceremony held at the San Antonio tram station, President Luis Arce announced the disbursement of 185 million bolivianos ($26.54 mn) to cover part of the debt with the Tunari company, which amounts to 358 million bolivianos ($51.36 mn) three times (per work executed) from 2019. Despite the official investment, the payment of 273 million bolivianos ($39.17 mn) is still pending.

The Government proposes that the European Union manage foreign debt relief

This Monday, Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta proposed that the European Union implement a programme to suspend the commitments of developing countries for two years. The initiative raised by the national authority at the Conference of Foreign Ministers of the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean, which took place in Germany. The authority's proposal goes further and suggests that the international body could set up a credit fund financed by donors. Bolivia's external debt has increased fivefold in 12 years.