BoA owes $7.17 million in taxes and reports a loss of $38.74 million

The Bolivian state airline BoA owes 50 million bolivianos in taxes ($ 7.17 mn) and also reports economic losses of 270 million bolivianos ($38.74 mn). Due to the travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, BoA paralyzed its activities for more than three months, so revenues reduced to zero. Previously, BoA had 130 flights per day and now does not operate at 40 per cent.

Sugarcane growers ask YPFB to pay $25 million for ethanol delivered

More than 3. 000 primary producers of the sugar cane, in the area of influence of the Guabirá (Montero), Unagro (Minero) and Aguaí (Aguaí) mills, declared a state of emergency, due to lack of payment of anhydrous alcohol withdrawn by the YPFB oil company in August, September and October (the debt exceeds $25 million). They gave an ultimatum until this Thursday to the state company to seek a solution that satisfies the interests of the sector; Otherwise, they are warning with mobilizations.

The INE reports that the accumulated inflation until November reached 0.45%

In November 2020, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) registered a negative variation of 0.27%, concerning October, with which the accumulated inflation, at 11 months, reached 0.45%, informed this Thursday the National Institute of Statistics (INE). At twelve months, inflation in Bolivia reached a negative variation of 1.10%. According to the INE, the negative deviation of 0.27%, registered in November 2020, is mainly explained by the decrease in prices in the transportation, food and non-alcoholic beverage divisions.

CNC estimates 4% growth for next year

The National Chamber of Commerce (CNC) estimates that next year Bolivia will register economic growth of 4%. To achieve this growth in the gross domestic product (GDP), it estimates that the Covid-19 vaccine will impact on better prices for minerals, soy or hydrocarbons; but, for this, it is also essential to have an "adequate" business climate and legal security.