Budget deficit exceeded $14.68 bn in five years

The government forecasts that the fiscal deficit will exceed 12% of the Gross Domestic Product in 2020. According to official data from the Ministry of Economy and the National Institute of Statistics (INE), between 2014 and 2019, the country accumulated a fiscal deficit of Bs 102,3 billion ($14.68 bn).

Digitalization plan aims to include 100 thousand Mipymes in 10 years

From last August to date, when the first phase of the digitalization plan launched, about 5,300 micro, small and medium enterprises (MiPymes) in the country have created their digital portals, free of charge. Now, the next step is for all of them to enter e-commerce with a "payment button" - to make their transactions - developed by the FIE Bank and the Kolau company, to support the companies and reactivate their businesses. The goal is that at least 100 thousand MSMEs in the country will be part of the digital industry in 10 years.