Only 25% of industrial companies had access to credit to pay salaries

Only 25% of industrial companies have been able to access credit offered by the central government for the payment of wages and salaries; the rest of the companies have had problems obtaining this type of benefit. The Chamber of Industries regretted that the fund destined to the economic reactivation that aroused many expectations in the sector didn't work. Nor was it possible to carry out the rescheduling of credits for Bs 600 million ($86 mn) with favourable conditions, longer terms and convenient interest rates.

Beef exports triple in 2020

External sales of beef up to the third quarter of 2020 tripled concerning exports in the same period in 2019. As of September, the export of bovine meat registered a total of 42 million dollars (three times more than what reported in 2019) and a volume of 9,966 tons, mainly due to the opening of the Chinese market.

Reserves total of 5.58 bn at a rate of 15% of GDP

As of October 30, the Central Bank of Bolivia's reserves totalled $5.58 billion, down from $6.47 billion as of December last year. The RIN/Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio of 15% allows for covering between six and seven months of imports of goods and services. However, these may continue to fall if export revenues continue to decline, if remittances do not improve, or if investment in deficit projects continues.