Firm to invest $42.2 million to process waste in Cochabamba

The GEES, Clean Energy and Associates Consortium will invest $42.2 million in the construction of a reliable waste treatment and processing plant in Cochabamba. It will become the first city in the country to industrialize garbage to generate energy and eco-fuels, and it estimates that it will create more than 400 direct jobs.

85% of private schools are at risk

Eighty-five per cent of educational businesses are at risk of closing their doors because of reduced revenues due to school closures and the economic crisis that deepened the pandemic. More than 2,000 academic units may cease operations due to lack of income and low enrollment in virtual classrooms. Many schools have had to reduce teaching and even administrative staff.

Governor’s Office invested $36 mn in electric networks and asked that ELFEC remain in the State

Between phase I and V of the Rural Electrification Project, the Government of Cochabamba invested more than $36 million, financed with external credits and own resources. These projects were carried out in 39 municipalities and benefited more than 38 thousand families. For this reason, it asks that Elfec continue to be a state-owned company. The networks were given as a commodatum to ELFEC.

Fires reach eight departments and burn 1.7 million hectares

Despite the increase in activities aimed at controlling forest fires and the declaration of national disaster, the fire is spreading through eight of the nine departments, affecting 1.7 million hectares. In Santa Cruz, there are cattle at risk. Thirty-three per cent of the fires are in forests, a situation that increases the negative consequences for biodiversity.