Active cell phone lines recorded a decrease of 0.03%

The active lines of mobile telephony reach 11.68 million, according to the report State of the Telecommunications in Bolivia. For the first quarter of 2020, active lines register a decrease of 0.03% concerning December 2019. Revenues from local telephone service registered a value of Bs 343 million ($49.21 mn) in 2019, 4.72% less than in 2018.

Armando Pinell assumes the interim presidency of the BCB

The Central Bank of Bolivia informed that due to complications derived from the Covid-19, President Guillermo Aponte Reyes Ortiz prevented from resuming his functions as the first authority of the Institution. Armando Pinell, Vice President of the Board, replaces him, with all the powers conferred to the President, according to Article 63 of Law 1670 of the BCB.