ECLAC confirms a 5.2% drop in Bolivia’s GDP

The coronavirus pandemic is leaving historical consequences in Latin America, which will contract by 9.1% this year and by 5.2% in Bolivia, warned the ECLAC. However, the delivery of social bonds to address the crisis and support vulnerable sectors of the population stands out. The recovery will be slower than in the Great Recession, warned the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Ibo Blazicevic re-elected as president of the Bolivian industrialists

The Board of Directors of the National Chamber of Industries (CNI) determined, this Tuesday, to re-elect Ibo Blazicevic, as president of the Bolivian industrialists for the 2020-2021 administration. Blazicevic is part of the industrial sector of beverages in the representation of the Bolivian National Brewery (CBN) and was president of the Departmental Chamber of Industries of La Paz until last year.

600 families are affected by the fires

Forest fires in different parts of the country are having an impact on communities in areas where flames cannot be controlled. The government detailed that there are 600 families affected by the incidents in Camiri (Santa Cruz) and Macharetí (Chuquisaca) and that it will evaluate whether with two departments affected by fires require a national disaster declaration.

Fire ravages 1.39 million hectares

The fires in the country swept away 1.39 million hectares. According to the government, the situation is still worrying and stormy for the affected departments, as there are 57 active forest fires. There are 43 active fires in Santa Cruz, 11 in Chuquisaca and 3 in Beni. These events are presumed to be the responsibility of human activity. It expects that in the next few hours, there will be a diagnosis of the area and new measures.