Santa Cruz State University misses out on $20.8 million

The Universidad Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno (Uagrm) is in an emergency. This year they stopped receiving Bs 145 million ($20.8 mn) for tax co-participation which is the primary source of income for this superior house of study. For this year, Bs 397 million ($57 mn) projected.

Santa Cruz Financial Group SA buys 6.26% of the shares of Banco FIE

Banco Fassil reported that on August 20 of this year it acquired from DWM FUNDS SCA-Cicav SIF 6.26% of the shares of the Bank for the Promotion of Economic Initiatives (FIE SA). Three hundred ninety-two thousand five hundred seventy-three shares purchased through the mechanism of auctions of unregistered shares of Bolivian Stock Exchange. Each share went to a maximum value of Bs 180 ($25.8), the package estimated at a total of $10.14 mn.

Fire destroyed 30,000 hectares in Chuquisaca

A voracious forest fire in the territory of the municipality of Macharetí (Chuquisaca) can expand to the municipal jurisdiction of Villa Montes (Tarija) which is on maximum alert and organized to start suffocation tasks. The Government of Chuquisaca declared an emergency due to the 500 heat sources, the fire destroyed 30,000 hectares in the municipalities of Macharetí and Muyupampa in the Chuquisaca Chaco, and it estimates that 1,500 families in 26 communities were affected.

Fires are spreading in 3 departments, burning more than 831,000 hectares in Santa Cruz alone

In Santa Cruz, 34 fires have consumed more than 831,000 hectares, while in Chuquisaca two national parks are threatened by fire and in Beni 1,206 heat sources are registered. The fire destroys forest reserves, biodiversity, wild animals and even puts the lives of community members living around it at risk. Meanwhile, the government is evaluating the declaration of a national disaster. Between January and September of this year, forest fires in Bolivia consumed 2.3 million hectares of forest and pastureland, according to data released by the NGO Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza.

Total Bolivia informs that the production in Aquio Incahuasi is normal after alarm for a nearby forest fire

The production of natural gas in the Aquio-Incahuasi field, according to the oil company Total Bolivia E&P is normal, and during yesterday's session, the production volume was 9.5 million cubic meters per day (MMm3/d). The company reiterated that the fire brigade of the oil company was able to put out a forest fire near the western perimeter of the Aquio-100D water well, adjacent to the Incahuasi gas processing plant (Santa Cruz) and that since Thursday afternoon operations restarted.