450,000 micro-enterprises are declared bankrupt

Of the 650,000 productive units that are part of the Confederation of SMEs (Conamype), only 5 per cent resumed their activities after the mandatory strike related to the coronavirus pandemic. About 32,500 companies belong to the food sector and, on a smaller scale, to the textile sector, which had resumed its operations focusing on the production of chinstraps and biosafety clothing, but the smuggling of this type of product forced a new stoppage. This situation led to the declaration of bankruptcy of at least 450 thousand productive units throughout the country.

Last year Bolivia exported €20.8 mn worth of nuts to Germany

Germany is a market of ample opportunities for Bolivia's exportable supply. Last year the export volume of Bolivian nuts to Germany reached 3,447 tons, with a value of 20.8 million euros. The export of quinoa reached 7.2 million euros, and chia seeds amounted to 2.1 million euros. In the case of tin, sales amounted to 700,000 euros. Bolivian purchases to the German market amounted to 144.7 million Euros in capital goods.

Government seeks $112 mn to complete Metropolitan train in Cochabamba

The Government informed the Spanish company, Joca Molinari, that there are no more resources for the Cochabamba metropolitan train, and that external financing will seek to continue with the project. A debt of more than Bs 300 million ($43 mn) carries forward. The project demands a total of $447 million, of which three quarters has already paid. Government seeks external financing.

Minera San Cristobal paid $346.2 mn of taxes in 2019

According to the Sustainability Report presented, in the 2019 administration the San Cristobal Mining Company (MSC) had a production of 447 thousand tons of zinc-silver concentrate and 82 thousand tons of lead-silver concentrate, a total of 7.7% less than in 2018. At the national level, MSC paid taxes in the amount of 230.5 million dollars, corresponding to the 2018 management, as well as advance tax payments in the amount of 115.6 million dollars, corresponding to 2019. The royalties paid to the department of Potosí in 2019 amounted to $40.1 million (85%), and $7.1 million royalties destined only to the municipality of Colcha K.