ATB and La Razon acquired with $16.1 mn that the government of Venezuela lent to Bolivia

A report by the State Financial Investigations Unit establishes that the Venezuelan government lent the Bolivian State, between 2008 and 2009, $16.1 million through the Evo Cumple program. Then, $4.5 million were sent to Spain to accounts of the PRISA group, through the company Flaba Trading, which belongs to Marcelo Hurtado, for the acquisition of La Razón-Extra. The other $10.02 million were sent to accounts in the United States in the name of Jordán Silva Tugues, assistant to the Venezuelan Chavista businessman Carlos Gill, for the acquisition of ATB. The shares ended up in private hands: Marcelo Hurtado and Carlos Gill.

Source: Brújula Digital