Bolivian gas revenues will fall by 36% in 2020 and 82% in 2025

An analysis prepared by the consulting firm Gas Energy Latin America (GELA), reflects that gas export revenues in 2019 reached 2.58 billion dollars, while fuel imports (diesel and gasoline) reached 1.42 billion. In 2020, revenues of 1.66 billion expected and expenditures of 558 million, a 36% reduction in the value of sales compared to 2019. In 2025, considering an average oil price of $45 per barrel, revenues from gas sales are projected at $465 million and expenditures from fuel imports at $1.02 billion. A deep reactivation of the sector is proposed, especially in exploration to reactivate gas and oil production. He highlights the potential of the country but considers that the tax system, the structure and the way YPFB organize require reform.

Source: Los Tiempos