In addition to DS 3973, it is necessary the repeal of 9 regulations that allow fires

The repeal of Supreme Decree 3973, which authorizes burning and clearing for agricultural purposes in Santa Cruz and Beni, will not be enough to prevent forest fires in eastern Bolivia, since there are at least nine regulations that give the green light to clearing and burning that should leave without effect. The repeal of decree 4232, which opens the way for the use of five transgenic crops and “is spurring the clearing and burning”, is fundamental. He adds that Law 740, which extends the period of verification of the Economic and Social Function (FES) to five years, and Law 741, which authorizes the clearing of up to 20 hectares for agricultural purposes, should be left without effect. Law 1098 that establishes the regulatory framework for the production of biodiesel and Article 5 of Decree 26075, which authorizes the conversion of lands for permanent forest production to agricultural use in the department of Santa Cruz.

Source: Los Tiempos