Construction sector demands $358.7mn payment from the State

Two months after signing an inter-institutional agreement with the Ministry of Labor to create new sources of employment in the construction sector, companies in the industry in Santa Cruz warned that the initiative would not have the desired impact if the State, at all levels, does not cancel a debt of Bs 2,500 million ($358.7 mn).


La Paz hospital complex in bankruptcy due to $8.6 million debt from the State

The directors of the eight hospitals in the Miraflores complex in La Paz declared financial bankruptcy because the state owes them more than 60 million bolivianos ($8.6 mn) for patient care through the Unified Health System (SUS). The health professionals indicated that from today they will only attend outpatient consultations and will no longer intern patients.

Agriculture gains ground in the GDP structure with 12.2%

During 2019, the sector with the highest growth rate was agriculture. Agricultural activities had increased their share of GDP from 11.6% in 2017 to 12.2% in 2019. Oilseed and industrial products, such as soybeans and sugarcane, represent 65% of the country's agricultural production, covering 45% of the area planted in Bolivia. In 2019 they presented a 4.4% increase in total production. The area planted grew by 5.3%; however, average yields for these crops fell by almost 1%.