YPFB latest updates

In July 2020, Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) signed an agreement with Peru’s Petroperú for the sales of up to 2,600b/d of HS diesel and 650b/d of 84 octane gasoline until the end of the year. Volumes may increase under the agreement. In March 2020, Petrobras and YPFB signed an amendment to their natural gas supply contract, through which YPFB’s supply obligation to Petrobras was to 14-20.00mcm/d, allowing to trade the surplus volume of YPFB’s contracts with private producers. The agreement is valid through 2026. Petrobras pursues its divestment programme, which includes the sale of company’s 51% stake in the TBG pipeline, connecting Bolivia and Brazil. Additionally, the Brazilian NOC is likely to sell its producing assets located in Bolivia over the next five years.

Source: CityFalcon