Drought affects 3,000 ha of crops in San Ignacio de Velasco

In San Ignacio de Velasco, 3,000 hectares of pasture, corn and peanut crops reported having been affected by the drought. On the livestock side, he said that the lack of availability of forage puts at risk at least 3,500 cattle from the existing herd in the area. However, he noted that tanker trucks distribute water in the rural area for human and animal consumption.

Entrepreneurs estimate a loss of $61.78 million for their sector and $344.83 million for the region

The Federation of Business Entities of Cochabamba (FEPC) calculated a loss of more than 430 million bolivianos ($61.78 mn) for its sector and more than 2.4 billion ($344.83 mn) for the entire region during the 12-day blockade. The manufacturing and industrial area of Cochabamba reports a loss of more than 157 million bolivianos ($22.56 mn); trade, 156 million ($22.41 mn); the agricultural sector 109 million ($15.66 mn); international transport 7 million ($1 mn); exports and customs clearance 138 thousand bolivianos ($19,827).

Plenary session approves external loans from WB and IDB for $704.3 mn

The plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies approved, in their stations in large and in detail, two bills of the credits of the World Bank (WB) for $254.3 million and of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for $450 million, to replace the resources used in the payment of social bonds, the Renta Dignidad and a part of the subsidy of the electricity tariffs.