Bolivia loses about a million dollars in tolls due to blockades

Vías Bolivia reported that the road blockades in Bolivia generated damage of more than Bs 6.5 million (about one million dollars) due to the lack of toll collection for the mobilizations. More than 160 points of blockades were identified throughout the country for 12 days, leaving damage to the infrastructure of Vías Bolivia and sections of road affected by the use of explosives in the cuts. The proceeds from Vías Bolivia go to the Bolivian Highway Administration (ABC) for maintenance of the country's backbone network.


The international price of gold is close to $2,000 per troy ounce

The international price of gold is close to $2,000 per troy ounce, something that the national government considers encouraging for domestic production. Gold has become a refuge for investments for the countries' reserves, due to the stability of its prices. The share of gold in the International Reserves of the Central Bank is 39.3%. Gold exports and commercialization reactivated in the period January to June 2020, reaching 10,203 kilos, with a gross sales value of some Bs 3.6 billion ($519.4 mn), generating Bs 54.2 million ($7.79 mn) in mining royalties.

Forestry sector reports losses of $13.7 million

Due to the blockades, Bolivia stopped exporting a volume of 8,000 cubic meters to the United States, Uruguay, France, Holland, Brazil, Italy and China, which are the markets that are currently active. The halt in production also caused a very harmful effect on the 90,000 families that depend directly on forestry activity.

Ferroviaria Andina invested $41 million in new trains and locomotives

During the last five years, Ferroviaria Andina has invested almost 41 million dollars in the train network in the west of the country for track maintenance, station improvement, technology acquisition and the purchase of new trains. More than $10 million was spent on upgrading and extending the railways and $16 million on three new locomotives of the Swiss brand Stadler.