Livestock farmers plan to double beef exports and close 2020 with $49 mn

The Federation of Cattlemen of Santa Cruz (Fegasacruz), informed that according to their projections until the end of the year they calculate to generate $49 million in beef exports. China is the leading market for domestic producers. In 2019 some 5,000 tons were exported at a value of $24.5 million.


Russia and Sigma to supply Avifavir to 7 Latin American countries

The Russian Direct Investment Fund announced on Monday that an exclusive agreement has been signed with the Cochabamba company Sigma, to supply the Covid-19 drug called Avifavir, to Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay and Uruguay. At least 150,000 packs of Avifavir will be exported. In addition, Russia transferred the technology for producing the final dose to its partner in Bolivia.

Recovery plan for areas affected by fires has a fund of $172.41 mn

Recovering ecosystems affected by fires, caring for the livelihoods and productive approach of local populations, promoting culture and tourism, risk prevention and management and governance are the five axes that the Government of Santa Cruz has included in the Plan for the Recovery of Areas Affected by Fires in the Department. The central government plans to invest a fund of Bs 1.2 billion, which will mainly benefit 83 development projects linked to the above axes.