The French government announced $110 mn in aid for the health emergency in Bolivia

The French government announced that it would provide $110 million in emergency health care aid to Bolivia. The support is part of a $900 million budget (including grants and loans) that France has earmarked to strengthen the medical systems of Latin American and Caribbean countries.


Bolivia reached record agricultural production with 20 mn tons in 2019

The Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE) presented a report on agricultural production in Bolivia where it indicates that between the years 1999-2000 to 2018-2019, agrarian production reached 278 million tons produced in the country, reaching a record of 20 million tons in 2019. Oil and industrial products were the most important. Santa Cruz led agricultural production with a 71% share of total output in the country, with 12.4 million tons.

The government authorizes transfer of $40 mn to municipalities to fight COVID-19

The Government informed that it authorised a transfer of 279 million bolivianos ($40 mn) in favour of all municipal governments in the country, as part of a "COVID-19 Fund" aimed at strengthening the fight against the pandemic. The number of municipalities classified as "high risk" for the coronavirus COVID-19 rose in the last week from 118 to 152, according to the tenth Municipal Risk Index Report published by the Health Ministry.