Bolivian exports fall 24% until May

In the first five months, exports reached $2,592 million, 24% less than in the same period of last year. The volume decreased by 36%. The trade deficit is $31 million, and the member countries of the Andean Community and the United States are the leading destinations for non-traditional exports. Sales of oilseeds -soybean and derivatives- reached a value of $285 million, chestnuts $43 million, and meat exports tripled to $20 million. Sugar sales increased 63% in value ($19 million) and 80% in volume.

A law has been passed that reduces rents to 50%

The Plurinational Legislative Assembly (PLA) last night sanctioned the Exceptional Rent Law, which reduces the payment of rent payments by 50% starting March 17 and up to three months after the end of the quarantine. It only applies to family use environments, rented for up to 5,000 bolivianos ($718.4). In the case of retail or service stores, the rule only benefits those who pay up to 7,000 bolivianos ($1,000). And in the case of businesses, the rent should not exceed 15,000 bolivianos ($2155). If the amount is above than those figures, the rule does not apply.