Soybean production reached 1.97 million tons, with no agreement on price

The soybean harvest reached 1.97 mn tons of soybeans, on an extension of 1.02 mn hectares, obtaining a yield of 1.9 tons per cultivated hectare.
The industry reached an agreement on the payment of the grain with the producers, between $250 and $260 per tone. Planting projections for the winter season are 335,000 hectares of soybean, 110,000 hectares of wheat, 130,000 hectares of sunflower, 90,000 hectares of corn and 450,000 hectares of sorghum. The productive sector of Santa Cruz proposed to the Government to create rules to be able to reprogram short and long term credits, suggesting periods of up to 12 years.

Source: El Deber